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About Us

Founded in 2014 as a pharmaceutical and medical device distributor, Severna Health concentrates on hospitals, clinics & healthcare systems across North America with supply chain solutions to overcome disruption and ongoing specialty needs. Through rigorous Quality Systems, Severna Health works to identify, inspect, and match high quality products with Severna clients. Whether a Severna Health product, or a Severna Health vetted regulatory compliant supplier, Severna will work to problem solve supply chain disruption with long term solutions.

Severna Health is a SAM certified small business (Cage Code: 8sf88) licensed pharmaceutical and medical device distributor.

What We Do: Medical Device Distribution

Severna Health focuses on Medical Devices prone to shortage or otherwise disruptive to reliable supply chain accessibility. Following a meticulous quality systems and vetting process, Severna Health partners with a selective group of manufacturing and distribution partners while ensuring consistent, reliable supply of high-quality products under normal buying conditions.
Additionally, Severna Health works with hospitals, surgery centers and clinics across the United States & Canada to develop and share market intelligence to identify product solutions before inventory concerns become real problems.
Customer Service remains the heart and soul of Severna Health, and our representatives dedicate themselves to becoming an extension of your team. Whether we are assisting in market penetration for a new device, or monitoring inventory/buying patterns for our end-buyers, Severna Health prides itself on developing long lasting relationships which withstand the test of time.

Medical Devices

Specimen Processing


Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes

Severna Health is an Authorized North American Distributor for Improve Medical Instruments and engaged with multiple strategic suppliers to offer a full suite of blood collection tubes to include:

Safety Blood Collection Set

Severna Health offers the IMPROSAFE® Blood Collection Sets with and without the pre-attached holder as a simple and easy to use collection option. Their safety-engineered design protects healthcare workers from needlestick injury, and the ultra-thin needle tip wall makes for a more comfortable patient experience. The pre-attached holder also prevents risk of accidental needlestick injuries and eliminates steps in the preparation process before venipuncture.
*FDA 510k cleared

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Urine Collection Systems

Severna Health offers the IMPROVACUTER® Urine Collection Container which provides a pre-attached non-patient needle as a safer and easier alternative for specimen transfer. The closed system prevents pouring off, leakage and wet areas which positively impacts the work environment and conditions.

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IMPROVACUTER® Urinalysis Tubes are used for urinary sediment and component analysis. The conical bottom is suitable for routine urine tests and microscopic sediment analysis. The preservative tubes contain Sodium Propio¬nate, Chlorhexidine and Ethyl p-hydraxybenzoate as an additive, providing better sample preservation. Both with and without preservatives are available outside the US. Preservative tube pending FDA 510(k).
10mL/16x100mm, PET (round base), conventional cap/yellow, paper label offered without additive.
8mL/16x100mm, PET (conical base), conventional cap/yellow, paper label offered without additive.

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Covid-19 Testing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Severna Health has been working with multiple manufacturers and distributors of COVID-19 tests. From PCR, Rapid Antigen, and Antibody tests, Severna can assist in determining what the best option is for your specific need or use.
Severna Health understands current market conditions and prides itself on providing viable solutions with timely deliverables at favorable price points. Furthermore, Severna Health works tirelessly to ensure all products are FDA or CE-compliant and shipped with a full chain of custody.
Severna Health works with most name brand testing manufacturers and suppliers in include iHealth, FlowFlex & Binax for rapid antigen solutions with no minimum order quantities. Contact a Severna Health Representative to find the best solution.

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Our disposable, 3-ply surgical/medical masks are designed to provide 3 layers of protection against bacteria, viruses, and other large droplets or bodily fluids while also being comfortable to wear and breathable. Our N95 masks provide a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles and are most used in medical settings.
Through a vast network of global providers, Severna Health sources compliant cost-effective solutions to meet your demand. Contact a Severna Health Representative to find the best solution.

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Severna Health is an Authorized Distributor for A+ & Nitrilium Chemotherapy rated 4mil nitrile gloves. Severna Health solely sources its Nitrile Gloves direct from the manufacturer and is an Authorized Distributor for the Nitrilium, A+ & SevernaHealth400 Chemotherapy rated brands.
Not all nitrile gloves are created equal – Nitrile gloves are currently being marketed and sold to a vast number of product specifications. It is important to understand the differences and what best protects the end users given the particular tasks they may be performing. Each of the brands Severna Health represents meet stringent chemotherapy specifications with superior permeation rates to competitive options. A true 4mil glove with 5mil textured fingertips, medical workers can feel a pulse with maximum protection against exposure.

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Proven strategies with the ability and relationships to make them happen.

Severna Health operates on the frontlines with hospital pharmacy directors and buyers to resolve supply chain disruption through careful product selection criteria and vendor identification with a primary focus on 503(b) outsourcing & wholesale distribution.

Through a comprehensive Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) review process, Severna Health thoroughly inspects 503(b) & wholesale vendors to help hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities navigate an increasingly difficult and sporadic supply chain.

Current areas of concentration are DEA Class I, II & III Controls, IV bags, Syringe suites, and specialty vial compounds serving OR & ER, Oncology, Urology, Ophthalmic & wellness Departments.

Severna’s mission is to assist our healthcare clients in making confident well-educated buying decisions while providing a single point of contact for all Severna-approved suppliers.

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Outsource Sales & Partnership Opportunities

Our experience makes the difference.

With extensive distribution channels, Severna Health is constantly exploring partnership opportunities to support product development through a robust sales and marketing team. Whether you are bringing a new product to market or need to increase market penetration with an existing product, Severna is well positioned to assist with representatives currently servicing the United States & Canada.
Severna Health has extensive relationships and experience with FDA Consulting. We can assist with early-stage product development business plans, FDA oversight, and strategic sales & marketing planning. To learn more about how you can partner with Severna Health please contact us

Focused on addressing drug, testing, and equipment shortages, Severna Health works to improve supply chain deficiencies. Our pharmaceutical candidates are based on existing, well-known active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). With established mechanisms of action, safety profiles, and therapeutic activity, we avoid the risks of clinical development and regulatory approval. Our PPE and testing products are American-made. Severna health has multiple FDA 510K filings for nitrile gloves and are actively pursuing additional filings for critically disrupted medical devices.

For more information on Severna Health services and opportunities please contact us.

Our Leadership

Severna Health is focused on business development, sales, marketing, and distribution of critical medical supplies including Pharmaceuticals & Devices. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge across multiple industries to help diversify our strategic approach. Whether you are a 20-year healthcare sales professional or coming into the industry for the first time, Severna provides an opportunity to grow. Much like we demand from our manufacturers and suppliers, Severna Health employees commit to a Continual Improvement Plan to ensure both individual and company growth and sustainability. As a Team, we possess a passion and perseverance to overcome our obstacles as a collective unit day in and day out in pursuit of making our goals a reality.

Scott Morton

Chief Executive Officer

As a founding member, Scott’s is responsible for business strategy, operations & business plan execution. Scott currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Severna Health servicing FDA regulated pharmaceutical & medical device manufacturing, 503B Outsourcing & Wholesale Distribution. Since founding Severna in 2014, the Company has experienced significant expansion and year-over-year growth with revenues reaching $25mm in annualize revenue.

Before founding Severna, Scott served as Executive Vice President of an FDA regulated 503B Outsourcing Facility, Bryce Laboratories, Inc. Scott’s primary focus was to accelerate growth through a concentration of quality assurance, compliance, product control, & industry diversification, prior to overseeing the merger with Pharmagen, Inc.

Scott began his career with American Express Financial Advisors, before becoming Area Manager of Operations for AppleOne, Inc., and later Vice President of Business Development & Account Management for BrainBox Enterprises, Inc., where he oversaw marketing & strategic growth plans for clients such as Magellan Health, Discovery Health, Shire Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Scott has a bachelor’s degree from Hobart College. He and his wife Shannon reside in Annapolis, MD with their two children.

Matthew Swift

Chief Revenue Officer

As a founding member, Matt focuses on sales plan development & execution. Matt currently serves as Chief Revenue Officer of Severna Health, where he is responsible for the day-to-day sales & performance for Severna. In its eight years of operations, Matt has Severna pacing to capacity with over $25mm in generated sales.

Prior to Severna, Matt was the Executive Vice President of Sales for Pharmagen, Inc., a publicly held Pharmaceutical company focused on the nation’s sterile injectable shortage through independent wholesale distribution & pharmaceutical compounding/ADMIX.

Matt was instrumental in growing two pharmaceutical wholesalers, Global Pharmaceutical Sourcing (GPS) and Premium Rx National (PRN). At GPS, Matt developed the sales infrastructure, training program, and compensation plans while recruiting, hiring, and training 34 representatives generating $81 million in gross revenue within the first five years of operations. Matt’s success at PRN resulted in generated revenues from zero to $14 million within the first twelve months of operation.

Matt is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. He and his wife reside in Annapolis, MD with their two children.

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