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Contract Sales for 503b Outsourcing & Wholesale Distribution

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Founded in 2014, Severna's mission has been to service hospitals, clinics & healthcare systems across the US with strategic pharmaceutical and medical device supply chain solutions to overcome disruption and ongoing specialty needs. Through rigorous Quality Systems, Severna Health works to identify, inspect, and match high quality products with Severna clients. Whether a Severna Health product, or a Severna Health vetted regulatory compliant supplier, Severna will work to problem solve supply chain disruption with long term solutions.
Severna Health is a SAM certified small business registered and established with the Federal Food and Drug Administration as a Specification Developer and Repackager. Severna Health has multiple ongoing FDA 510k fillings and manufacturer direct partnerships to provide additional ongoing solutions to critically disrupted Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Supplies.

Proven strategies with the ability and relationships to make them happen

Healthcare providers need more than single source providers.Through a comprehensive Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) review process, Severna Health throughly inspects 503b vendors to help hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities navigate an ever changing landscape of 503b Outsourcing.
Severna Health operates on the frontlines with hospital pharmacy directors and buyers to resolve supply chain disruption through careful product selection criteria and vendor identification.
Current areas of concentration are DEA Class I, II & III Controls, IV bags, Syringe suites, and specialty vial compounds serving OR & ER, Oncology, Urology, Ophthalmic & wellness Departments.
Filling unmet demand for critical medicines.

A primary focus on 503b compound & wholesale distribution

Healthcare systems need more than single-source 503b suppliers. Severna evaluates 503b vendors to the latest FDA guidance to ensure Standard Operating Procedures and quality standards are met. Since the very inception of FDA 503b, Severna’s mission has been to assist our healthcare clients in making confident well-educated buying decisions while providing a single point of contact for all Severna-approved 503b suppliers.

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Our Experience Makes The Difference

As an FDA-registered and established Specification Developer and Repackager, Severna Health is constantly exploring partnership opportunities for FDA product filings (NDA, ANDA & 510k) and facility development. Severna has internal FDA consultants, and 3rd party strategic partners capable of handling facility development and/or Quality Systems implementation/maintenance, as well as FDA product-specific filings. With existing distribution channels, Severna Health can assist with product sales and marketing, further enhancing any partnership opportunities.
For more information on Severna Health services and opportunities please contact us.

We make it simple to launch and scale your therapy.

Focused on addressing drug, testing, and equipment shortages, Severna Health works to improve supply chain deficiencies. Our Pharmaceutical candidates are based on existing, well-known active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with established mechanisms of action, safety profiles, and therapeutic activity, avoiding the risks of clinical development and regulatory approval. Our PPE and testing products are American made. Severna health has multiple FDA 510K filings for nitrite gloves and is actively pursuing additional filings for critically disrupted medical devices.

Our Leadership

Scott Morton

Chief Executive Officer

As a founding member, Scott’s responsibilities focus on business strategy & business plan execution. Scott currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Severna Health and Severna Laboratories, an FDA registered repackager & specification developer servicing FDA regulated pharmaceutical & medical device manufacturing, 503B Compounding & Wholesale Distribution. Since founding Severna in 2014, the Company has experienced significant expansion and year-over-year growth.
Before founding Severna, Scott served as Executive Vice President of an FDA regulated 503B Outsourcing Facility, Bryce Laboratories, Inc. Scott’s primary focus was to accelerate growth through a concentration of quality assurance, compliance, product control, & industry diversification.
Scott began his career with American Express Financial Advisors, before becoming Area Manager of Operations for AppleOne, Inc., and later Vice President of Business Development & Account Management for BrainBox Enterprises, Inc., where he oversaw marketing & strategic growth plans for clients such as Magellan Health, Discovery Health, Shire Pharmaceuticals, etc.
Scott has a Bachelor's degree from Hobart College. He and his wife Shannon reside in Annapolis, MD with their two children.

Matthew Swift

Chief Revenue Officer

As a founding member, Matt’s responsibilities will focus on sales plan development & execution. Matt currently serves as Chief Revenue Officer of Severna Health, where he is responsible for the day to day sales & performance for Severna. In its sixth year of operations, Matt has Severna pacing to capacity in 2020.
Prior to Severna, Matt was the Executive Vice President of Sales for Pharmagen, Inc., a publicly held Pharmaceutical company focused on the nation’s sterile injectable shortage through independent wholesale distribution & pharmaceutical compounding/ADMIX.
Matt was instrumental in growing two pharmaceutical wholesalers, Global Pharmaceutical Sourcing (GPS) and Premium Rx National (PRN). At GPS, Matt developed the sales infrastructure, training program, and compensation plans while recruiting, hiring, and training 34 representatives generating $81 million in gross revenue within the first five years of operations. Matt’s success at PRN resulted in generated revenues from zero to $14 million within the first twelve months of operation.
Matt is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. He and his wife reside in Annapolis, MD with their two children.

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419 4th St, Annapolis, MD 21403
(410) 384-4926

DUNS# 110888160
SAM #8sf88

    A Reliable Source For Medical Device and PPE Procurement.

    Severna Health was formed in 2014 to address continual supply chain disruption felt by hospitals and large healthcare systems nationwide. With a diversified focus on Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory & ivd services, and now Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), Severna Health is uniquely positioned to provide reliable solutions during uncertain times.

    Available For Order

    Nitrile Latex Gloves

    Our Nitrile Gloves are made from 100% Synthetic Nitrile Latex. They are comfortable with excellent fit making them useful in a wide range of applications.

    Our gloves provide better protection and are more durable than many standard gloves. They are an ideal choice in essential in first aid situations and are an excellent choice when working with hazardous petrochemicals.

    These gloves are powder-free, and non-sterile. They are not medical grade gloves. One size fits most people and the gloves can be worn on either hand. When properly worn, they are thick 6 mil nitrile making them puncture and abrasion resistant. They should be disposed of after use.

    Quality Standards

    • Conforms to ASTM D6319 and EN455 Standards
    • Manufactured under ISO 13485, ISO 10993, ISO 14971 Quality Management System

    Glove Sizes
    • Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large


    Isolation Gowns Levels 1 – 3

    Our Level 1, 2 and 3 gowns are intended to be used in situations where minimal, low, and moderate fluid barrier protection is needed. Level 4 gowns are prepared for the highest fluid and microbial barrier protection to protect the user against long, fluid-intensive procedures. Also for operations on patients with potential blood-borne pathogen risk.

    Chemotherapy Gown

    Our surgical chemotherapy gowns are tested against all 12 chemotherapy drugs per ASTM F739-12 rules and regulations. This resulted in no breakthrough or leakage during the test duration of 480 minutes based on the average standardized breakthrough times.
    ‍ SMS Fabric -80gsm
    Adjustable Velcro at the collar,
    2 inner ties, 2 outer ties with full back coverage
    Blue color
    Knitted Cuffs
    Latex Free
    Fabric weight: 80 GSM

    Coverall Hazmat Suit

    Our coveralls/hazmat suits are used in various chemical and medical industries. They are comfortable, durable, waterproof, and anti-bacterial. Supplied in sizes M-L-XL and available in custom made sizes.

    • Convenience and easy to wear and off
    • Light weight and soft feeling
    • High strength and durability
    • Permeate air and water vapor, but obstructs water-based liquids
    • Coverall Suit / Hazmat suit
    • Laminated, breathable non-woven fabric
    • Rubber bands on wrists and ankles
    • Latex Free, Splash Resistant
    • White Color
    Disposable / Single Use | 55 gsm Laminated, breathable non-woven fabric, | (25 gsm BREATHABLE FILM + 28 gsm PP NW + 2 gsm hotmelt) | Hygienic, splash resistant, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-static, anti-bacterial | Our production of disposable coveralls are according to EN 14126 standards | Elasticated hood cuff, waist and sleeve cuff | With a zipper and sticky cover close-up for the zipper | Sizes: M, L and XL | Packed separately in each plastic bag | 60x40x40 boxes each box contains 50 pieces.


    Bouffant Caps

    The 24 in the bouffant cap will be more suitable for individuals with long hair. Great for controlling hair while maintaining a comfortable temperature, these bouffant caps contain hair in a lint-free, breathable, elastic head garment. The material is water-resistant to protect your hair and scalp from unexpected splashing. Caps are disposable when damaged, contaminated, or altered beyond proper application and use. Universal sizing fits most individuals.
    24" breathable, non-woven polypropylene.
    Elastic headband offers a comfortable, non-slipping fit.
    Sanitary headcover keeps hair out of your eyes and away from your work.
    Available: Available in White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

    Shoe Cover

    These shoe covers provide carpet, tile, and wood protection from multiple contaminants including dirt, debris, mud, scuff marks, and more. The polypropylene construction is non-woven, anti-dust, and anti-static for light protection against dry particulates. The compressed polyethylene sole is embossed to improve traction and grip over wet, slippery surfaces for user safety. The triple-stitched seam improves cover strength. Includes an elastic ankle grip for added support. Color finish is Blue. Size is 6-11.
    Package quantities are 150 Pairs/Case